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"Scott Jones, general manager of Legacy Gallery, which represents Dieul’s work, calls it “a phenomenon.” Not only is she an outstanding painter, Jones says, but the way her paintings appeal across a broad spectrum of collectors is nearly unparalleled. “Our most seasoned collectors are enthralled by her work. On the other hand, her pieces are often purchased by first-time buyers. Her trompe l’oeil technique amazes, and her subject matter captivates. We have seen success with all of her paintings—figures, drawings, animals, and, of course, her mouse series. Yes, the mice are cute, but I am impressed with how well they are painted and creatively executed.”"

Bonnie Gangelhoff

"Masterpieces for our time" November 2015, Southwest Art Magazine.

"I am obsessed with mice. Ever since my tenderest years I have adored them. Their little hands, their little transparent ears. Imagine my delight at discovering an artist with the same obsession – Marina Dieul, La Dame aux Souris. At the last count, Marina told me I was the proud holder of the title of ‘Largest Marina Dieul Collector in the World’. Now I don’t have to wait for the cats to bring mice into the kichen, get bored with them and leave them there for me to chat to for hours. I can look at Marina’s mice which are as realistic as they real thing. And not only the mice. We, here in San Barbato, Abruzzo, Italy, were privileged to welcome Marina and her family here on holiday some years ago. She wasn’t only on holiday but also in search of new models. I couldn’t oblige with the cat – mine having recently died and been buried. I could, however, oblige with goats. A bat was another of her requirements. While bats are plentiful here, I thought it highly unlikely I would be able to catch one for her. The gods were with me. I found a bat, still alive, in the swimming pool one morning. I babysat it for several hours in my cleavage while Marina and family made their leisurely petit déjeuner. It too now graces my kitchen wall. Marina’s mice have an uncanny 3D realism which makes them jump out of the wall. Ever inventive and witty, her art constantly evolves into new concepts. ‘Enough,’ I say, ‘enough mice!’ Then I can never resist the next one. Roll on number 22."

Anna Gruffydd,

Abruzzo, Italy.

I had the great fortune to grow up on a farm in Kansas in the United States and I am a fourth generation farm girl! As a child, I was surrounded by farm animals and I especially loved the kitties, chickens, sheep, puppies and little pigs. I had the privilege to watch the circle of life unfold with each birth and death of my animal companions. I discovered Marina's wonderful paintings last year and I was especially drawn to her Pax Mundi paintings of little cats and mice. Marina captures the essence of each animal with expert detail. The fur on each kitty is so soft and real and the eyes are utterly captivating. Marina has a special gift making each subject in her paintings come to life. In a world filled with despair and tragedy, Marina's paintings bring me back to my childhood where life was kinder and more forgiving. The Pax Mundi series of paintings remind me there can be peace and empathy with a simple act such as extending a beautiful flower from one of God's creatures to another.

Janie Gaskill

Kansas, USA

I am the lucky owner of one Petite Souris and one numbered etching! All of Marina's work makes me smile and I hope to add to my collection in the future. Her various styles truly show her great range. Her portraits are beautiful. Her creativity with dimension is what first drew me to Marina's work. I was expecting to see the mouse actually give the flower to the inquisitive cat. She is my favorite artist. 💖🐈🐁🐀

Shelley Harkrader

Arizona, USA

"As soon as I saw your beautiful mice, I knew I had to have one..... now have 3, honoured to have your work  

  on my walls. x"


 Stephen Burgess,

 Staffordshire, UK.

"UK buyer of a set of the mouse notecards, which are beautiful. Very high quality printing, and arrived well packaged with some lovely little flourishes like a hand written thank you for purchasing tag, and a little mouse sticker. The only issue I have is I don't actually like anyone enough to send them one of these gorgeous notecards!!"

Angela Dalziel, UK

"We are lucky enough to own two of Marina's little mice. The level of detail and perfection is simply amazing and they have to be hung where they can be closely inspected, but out of the line of sight of the cats! I would love to own a Pax Mundi picture as well one day. As a non-North American customer, I would also say that the process of buying and shipping the pieces was smooth and easy."

Catherine C. , UK

Oh,Marina Dieul, you own my eyes, my brain, my heart and my funny bone, and every one of your delicate brush strokes is a little song of delight!!!!! To meet each of your "petite souris" or to sit and watch you create one of their whimseys would be heavenly! Thank you always for sharing all of this with us through Facebook!!!!!

Glenna Nowalk


I have been fortunate enough to know Marina for a few years now,and she is as special as her paintings (no surprise here). Nothing gives me more pleasure than to open my eyes every morning and to see the orange tabby looking curiously and mischievously at the little bird delicately balancing on a thin wire in one of her paintings. Marina captures the light, the mood, the moment like no one else. She really captures and paints magic. My best friend actually tried touching the little mouse's paws in one of Marina's Pax Mundi pieces, being absolutely sure that he sits slightly out of the painting ! Am so looking forward to many new amazing paintings from you, Marina ! Thank you.

Dana Calistru


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